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After many years of amazing memories, the original Exit 147 band retired in 2021.  Exit 147 was founded in 2008 by Jim Tinaglia, Matthew Pablecas, TJ Wilkes and Mike Kelly.  In 2013 Joe Ferazza joined the band as the official rhythm guitarist.  Then in the fall of 2015, bassist and vocalist Brian Sheridan replaced Mike Kelly and in May of 2017, keyboardist and vocalist Robert (Doc) Watson solidified the group.  Together we rocked many places as Exit 147 and we thank you for the years of support and cherish the relationships that we made. 


Core members Matthew Pablecas, TJ Wilkes, Brian Sheridan and Doc Watson mixed their years of chemistry together with their love for live music and formed the Oh Yes! Band in January of 2022.  Adding lead guitarist Tony Jordan and female vocalist Caitlin Sheridan made this group more dynamic than ever before.   The Oh Yes! Band is the hottest new band on the streets, packed with energy, harmonies, musicianship and plays a wide variety of music.  When you think... Real. Fun. Live. Music... Think Oh Yes! Band

Today, after 14 years, Jim Tinaglia continues to operate Exit 147 with a fresh new lineup of members.  They can be found at their new website 

For more information on The OH YES! BAND, visit 
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for more information contact Matthew Pablecas 847.652.6800 or
When you think REAL. FUN. LIVE. MUSIC... this OH YES! BAND


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